Monday, 12 January 2009


These are my latest prints - a tryptic of pigeons. These are silkscreen prints 28 x 38cms.

The print below is part of an edition for a box set called "Origin of The species" to celebrate Darwin's 200th anniversary. It will be on show at London Print Studio as part their Darwin exhibition - date tbc.
On this print I screen printed glue and then used foil to create the iridescent area. This was a painstaking task as printing glue isn't easy to print, however it was worth it as my edition of 35 prints all have iridescent foiling on them. Many thanks to Fred Butler for her advice and enthusiasm about all things iridescent !


Anonymous said...

nice work

Karen Barbé said...

Hi Vicky! I meant to write this before but haven't had time. I found myself really loving these prints. I was totally surprised at how dignified these pigeons turned out being screen-printed. I'm even dreaming of a pigeon wallpaper ;)

Good luck with it!

Penguin & Fish said...

These are wonderful! I'm glad I found your blog today. (via abigail borg's website)