Monday, 23 June 2008


Here is my production line for business cards to give out at my private view on Tuesday evening in Brightion. My company has been christened 'Dewolf' because it is my mothers maiden but also a cool name with an opportunity to have a drawing of a wolf in the logo (photos to come soon).I had a stamp made at Speedystamps for about £10 which means each card can be individual and have that hand printed feeling.
I didn't want to do postcards as it feels strange to digitally print something I have lovingly screen printed so I have created sample cards instead. These are actual prints cut to A5 with my beautiful new logo stamped on the back. I feel I can say how beautiful this is as the Typography is hand drawn by Claudio Vecchio a talented young graphic designer of "Little Dish" fame ( I have my very own font that no one else can use. I'm so chuffed! When I look back at the brief I gave it is really spot on, which is a rare thing - I will show this in a later post when I have all the artwork as well. You can just see the wolf illustration below...


Check out my nieces left Lois and Sacha's (on the right) - cute green leaf and pink flower fleeces. Modelled here in at the beach in Brightonlingsea this weekend, to celebrate Lois' 3rd bday. All I can say is it was a BIG day with A LOT of fairy cakes, how can you go wrong!?

Friday, 20 June 2008


Walking along Brighton seafront on the way to work is a great way to start the day !
My work is all hung now - it took ages to arrange and re-arrange the vinyl but I'm chuffed with the outcome.
Some other vinyl in Brighton.
A beautiful store in Brighton called Abode.


I have my interim show for my MA printing making, "HALFWAY THERE". It's down in Brighton. The private view is next Tuesday so I have been setting it up over the last few days.

Monday, 16 June 2008


It's the first time I've been able to see the surfaces in my room for a long while now !
Why are portfolio's so hard to do ? It's so much easier to make selections when it's someone elses work. My portfolio is currently still empty...


These are some photos to fill in the blanks of what I have been up to. They are from the camera on my phone so sorry for the quality, although it makes some look quite dreamy which is a good look, I feel.

This is the studio where I work for four days in the week for a company called The Future Laboratory. This was meant to be my day job but has turned out to be pretty bloody cool as well so I currently have faith in how things turn out for the best sometimes. Oh yes image on the left is Jasmine my super cool Newyorker colleague. And making a star appearance in image on the right is Jasper the studio dog !

I was lucky enough to be sent to Sweden for a project with the Future Laboratory, I stayed overnight at the Grand Hotel Stockholm as our flight got cancel. The interior was designed by Studio Ilse who has also recently designed interiors for Shoreditch house and the Soho house group of clubs/hotels around london. In the hotel was a specially comissioned screen from Studio job - it's not a great image but you might be able to make out the objects that make up the pattern within the screen. skulls, ships anchors and bottles of rum, need I say anymore? Another studio shot here - and some more work colleagues eating wasabi beans on the top deck of a restaurant in a old london routemaster bus near Brick Lane, London.
This is one of my prints for my interim show. I was lucky to be able to spread across two tables, I'm dreaming of having a long textiles table to print on , one day .Below is some seriously beautiful wisteria, on the side of a gallery in Camden that I pass on the way into my print studio. I always seem to be really inspired on the that journey, not sure why as it is an extreme urban-jungle but the plants seem to jump out at me. Maybe it's more about having a moment to look around ?The final 5 metres ! OMG can't believe it's done !I just realised I never said who did the wallpaper in the sunshine studio - it was that I blogged about a few weeks ago.

Sunday, 15 June 2008


So amazing to actually go to see some brilliant print that I have previously blogged about in it's final location - here is Sunshine Studio in tokyo.



The last few weeks have been taken up with printing for my Interim show for my MA printing making, which is down in Brighton next week. I had to have it all finished a week early as I was sent to TOKYO for work ! It's the most amazing place and I only touched the tip of the iceberg . I only really had a day to shop for my own things. I was striaght down to TOKYU HANDS to buy as much printing eqipment as I could get my dirty mits on. (details to come)