Thursday, 29 January 2009

Nostalgia for the east

This is a wallpaper in a Vietnamese restaurant in Old Street, that I always used to walk past and love!I was back near my old house today visiting the studio of the lovely photographers Mishkin Mishkin - the special ladies treated me to some serious youtube flights of the conchords action.

It made me very nostalgic being back in that part of town - especially seeing this image from the new Times ad campaign (actually this reminds me more of trips to Brighton whilst at university but it's all starting to blur into one!?)

On the way home I couldn't help popping into a private view. Some interesting work from Abigail Reynolds she uses old tourist books and slices into the surface of the prints. All of these reasons make me miss living in east London.

Saturday, 24 January 2009


Thanks to Cécile from minakani for getting back to me this week about their current collections. Minakani have quite a diverse range of styles in their designs - the first two images below are from their textiles collection and the last two are from their wallpaper range. The Parsian duo say they "produce strong and simple designs with a candid vintage quirky optimistic and poetic feel". As a cyncial Londoner I find this a refreshing approach and enjoy the honesty behind the designs. (I do find some of the teeth are a little phallic or is that just my mind?)


Monday, 19 January 2009


After posting my last blog, I saw these drawings and designs by Skinny La Minx which seem to fit into the theme of using consumer goods in designs. This series is called "I wish I had Ikea"


I'm noticing a bit of a trend for packaging wallpaper. Andreas Samuelsson for Studio Nommo:-
Andreas Samuelsson is a Swedish illustrator from Stockholm. Working with cut paper collage mixed with watercolor and computer graphics in sharp colors. His ideas tends to turn into geometric forms, stilistic symbols and handwritten letters. He has recently been working for clients such as Adidas, Dagens Nyheter, Arkitip and New York Times and producing limited prints for "If You Could" in London and Analogue Books in Edinburgh. In 2008 he finished his first childrensbook called "Red, Green, Blue and You" for Rollo Press in Zürich.

(credit for this image to come)


Today I did a silly thing - I was on my way to Bubble London to see the great work of Mini Moderns, after buses pasted without stopping and tubes were cancelled I finally arrived only to realised I was at the wrong exhibition hall D'oh! Instead I have some lovely pics from the Mini Moderns website of their fantastic cushion collection. With names that make you want to hug them (the cushions that is, not the guys at mini moderns - although maybe that too?) Nana cushion being my favourite name ever for cushion (1st image below). Good work as ever guys and hope to see you at the next Bubble in June?

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Wednesday, 14 January 2009


This is the Bavaria Series by Studio Job for Moss Gallery - not strictly prints but so cool I couldn't help but post about them.

Monday, 12 January 2009


These are my latest prints - a tryptic of pigeons. These are silkscreen prints 28 x 38cms.

The print below is part of an edition for a box set called "Origin of The species" to celebrate Darwin's 200th anniversary. It will be on show at London Print Studio as part their Darwin exhibition - date tbc.
On this print I screen printed glue and then used foil to create the iridescent area. This was a painstaking task as printing glue isn't easy to print, however it was worth it as my edition of 35 prints all have iridescent foiling on them. Many thanks to Fred Butler for her advice and enthusiasm about all things iridescent !

Thursday, 8 January 2009


Sally Elford print's remind me a little of Charley Harpers birds. See more of her work at a print gallery and studio in Brighton.