Tuesday, 22 July 2008


This is a photo I took in the garden of Charleston House - I visited this weekend to see the paintings on the walls and creative expression of the Bloomsbury group. You can just see the windows of their studio - what a dream garden for inspiration !
Below are some beautiful photos, taken on this same visit by the very talented photographer Anna Leader - www.annaleader.com

I visited this weekend and this was one of my favourite pieces by Duncan Grant called "Clouds".


Bethany said...

That's where I went on holiday with my family last summer! Really pretty countryside isn't it?


Rebecca Bulcraig said...

Hi there, Rebecca here,
I was on Rachels course last year as well. I was the one living in Australia.
Great blog, just started mine. Unfortunately not as much going on in my neck of the woods as yours. Great to see what you've been up to, Well Done!
Finally got my website up & running with my scarves on it, what a mission! Now I'm onto the wallpaper.
Have had a lot of dramas working out the best way to print it. Absolutely knackering going up my 10m table, ink drying out etc. So now I've managed to pick up a fully automated vacum bed. Going to move the paper instead!
Should hopefully be able to do multi colour prints accurately as well.
I'd love to hear from you,
PS. My website is www.redgatestudios.com. You'll be able to see where I work!

fredbutlerstyle said...

yo dude how did you get those last 2 pics?