Monday, 20 July 2009


Below are some more photos from the Urban Birds print series. There is also a Seagull print of mine, winging it's way to Austrailia as it was purchased and requested to be sent there (There is something quite satisfiying about the thought of it).

My other news is that, after a long time of being jealous of print studios and studio's in general, I have now taken the plunge and joined a group of silk screen prints. I move in next week so photos to follow. I'm can't express my excitiment about this - they are such an active and knowledgable group. There is talks of doing a show for London Design Week in the pub that the studio is ajoining (it doesn't get better than that)

Also starting to create new prints for t-shirts and a series so there'll be some new photos soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, this is so awesome (and cute if I might add hehe).