Saturday, 10 November 2007


I was very excited to see that one of my favourite wallpaper designer/printers has done a Christmas linen designs for Habitat - FEAST such a distinctive style that can work across many different subject matters - very clever lady!

Just wanted to say thanks to Keith from minimoderns for letting me know they've updated their site, now it's so easy to get great, beautiful wallpaper that kids go nuts for - gotta love the Muji wooden block skylines in the picture, it's all about styling !

I have the New York version of the "This is London" book which I pour over regularly to bring back happy memories of NYC. It must have been a big influence to Lizzie Allen a recent finalist at 100% design trade show. (image below)
LIZZIE ALLEN really should have her own posting but umbrellas wallpaper is so right for a rainy day like today! Now with all this inspiration, I'm off to do some printing.


Anonymous said...

its not all about styling you know :)

plush patterns said...

thanks for the comment keith, of course you're right, it's seductive to think styling is everything sometimes, but style is nothing without substance, good to remind ourselves of this especially in our visually minded, style driven industry.