Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Here's some lovely screen prints from Susie Q and the owls, which I think would be a great band name as well, should she ever want to diversify. Here's what she has to say :-

"Susie Wright aka 'Susie Q and the Owls', works across multiple disciplines, from screen-printing to typography to 3D. Her Scottish heritage has greatly influenced her as an illustrator, with landscapes, animals and plants featuring heavily in her body of work: 'I see it as a way of being closer to the landscapes in the highlands, which I experienced so much growing up'. Whilst she is inspired by the abundance of creativity she's stumbled across in London and the contrast 'between the built up environment of London life and the sparseness of buildings and people in the highlands', she refers to her drawings as a 'coping mechanism' for being so far away from home."

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Anonymous said...

please email me i have lost your email.
keith at Absolute Zero degrees - didn't know how to contact you apart from leave a comment - not that the lovely owl isn't worth a comment!