Wednesday, 11 February 2009


4. What advice would you give to someone buying wallpaper, what are the main factors they should look out for in a design?

We produce all our wallpaper using a traditional flexo method –using paper from sustained forests, and printed with water based inks. We would say look out for paper produced like this or created using a production method that you feel comfortable with. We have always produced this way, and the feel of the paper has much more warmth, and visually has much more depth, than say, digital wallpapers. Hand screened wallpapers are beautiful but tend to be expensive – which is something we try to avoid. Depending on what look you would like to achieve – always check that you understand what the repeat is of the pattern, and what scale the overall pattern will be, and always read the hanging instructions carefully. Be aware that when choosing a wallpaper with a very dark base that before you unroll the paper –you colour the edges in the same colour as the base colour – otherwise dark wallpaper will have white edge strips once its hung – ruining the effect. The best policy is if you haven’t hung wallpaper before is get a professional in. It is always a good idea to get a swatch of your selected paper so you can make sure it co-ordinates with your overall scheme.

5. And Finally if you could install or exhibit your wallpapers in any building where would that be?

We have already been incredibly lucky with where our wallpapers have been used. The ‘Net and Ball’ wallpaper (shown in previous post) in black and gold, lines the entrance of one of our favourite restaurants, Skylon, in one of our favourite London landmark buildings, the Royal Festival Hall. Our Mini Moderns ‘Town’:-

‘Sitting Comfortably?’:-

and ‘Tick Tock’ wallpaper :-

has also been used in the bedrooms of new Conran hotel, Boundary, in Shoreditch which we are really excited about. We love it when we see our wallpaper used anywhere – our ‘Bees’ wallpaper from the collection for Places and Spaces is in our local pub – so we love that too as it really makes us feel part of the community.We also feel proud when someone we admire has our wallpaper on their walls too – People Will Always Need Plates - have our town print which we spotted when The Times featured their flat.

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