Thursday, 25 September 2008


I have been squirreling away lots of interesting wallpaper research so here is a few that really that couldn't wait to be posted : -

Anna Hill Textile & Wallpaper

Vicki Fong


Hanna Nyman

Lizze Allen on YouTube :-


mikodesign said...

that birds wall paper is so great!

Redgate Studios said...

Lovely images, I'm guessing that a lot of them must be digitally printed?
would love to do some big repeats, but so hard to hand print!
In Bali at the moment and no internet where I'm staying,but am going to try an do a post soon. Have got some great photos. Trying to do some drawing, but busy with touristy stuff at the moment as got my daughters here . Also very hot and humid so in the pool a lot! How's your stuff coming along?