Sunday, 13 January 2008


I am spending my time printing and working out how to developing Plush patterns into a business. Above is some recently printing. Below is a shop front I pass on the way to the studio. I wonder if they were thinking about branding and marketing when they designed this ? There is somthing about the style of it that I like - watch this space for development of PLUSH.
This year has seen some exciting changes for me, I am now working my day job as a freelancer. In theory this should give me more time to do printing and making a go of the wallpaper design. In practice, I'm still nervous about money but I will learn to deal with that. Here's me working at Fred Butler Style - see her work in currently in Selfridges window or on her brilliant blog FRED BUTLER STYLE BLOG


Anonymous said...

good luck with your venture.
keith from minimoderns

plush patterns said...

Thanks Keith, it's going well, taking each day at a time but working towards a goal. Good luck at kids.modern - wish I could make it down - maybe next time x