Tuesday, 4 December 2007


I recently found this company Mod Green Pod whilst researching for something totally different, it just goes to show you never know where inspiration will come from...

this is what they say about themselves :-

"Taking organic from hippie to hip.
Mod Green Pod sprouted from a simple quest. Co-founders and sisters-in-law Nancy Mims and Lisa Mims loved swank design and sustainable goods, but they couldn’t find anything that combined the two. Refusing to choose one over the other, they started their own company. Both veterans of the fashion industry, Nancy helms Mod Green Pod’s design, and Lisa handles the business. With offices in Austin and Boston, they create products that won’t harm the planet, its manufacturers, or users, all without sacrificing style."

The printing industries' effect on the environment is an issue I often contemplate as I wash a screen and realise just how much water must be used by printers - let alone all the other environmental impacts the industry must have. It's great to see people actively finding DESIRABLE solutions to these sorts of issues.

These are images of the Mod Green Pod print room in action, this is really inspiring for me to see these. I love the fact that they show the care that goes in to this beautiful work.

Thanks for the inspiration Mod Green Pod, so great to see this work and the fact that other individuals with a passion are making small businesses work.

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