Sunday, 23 September 2007

100% Design

jocelyn warner - this was the find of the day . i have seen the leaf and lily wallpaper around in various magazines etc. but it is the first time i have come across Jocelyn's new rug design. as you can seen by my work i love peonies . this was inspired by a photograph of the flower taken in Tokyo and it is a fantastic brand extension into rugs. i really hope it sells like hot cakes so we see many more !

Michelle Mckinney

Kathleen Hills - very clever work not just pattern but product design as well.

Helen Amy Murray - won't let me take a photo and i couldn't view her website so borrowed this image from i'd like an image of her peacock chair as it is exquisite (in fact i'd love to own it!)

Magscapes this isn't the best image to show how cool this stuff is but it's bascially magnetic wallpaper. they have started working with designers such as Lush design
lush who i meet recently at the Pulse trade show, lovely woman to chat to and great tea towels. i am seriously considering having my own designs printed on this magnetic material which isn't as expensive as you think. 13om width £65 per metre

Cole and Sons

love this Basso & Brooke designs at Graham Brown - it's on a new man-made non-woven substrate that means you just paste the wall and stick the paper on dry so no need for tables and pasting etc.

Clarrisa Hulse i was on upper st. on saturday in a store called Aria , and saw this work - it was nice to see the full range. new aria store -

Freckle design Kimono designs tableware but there's lots of great work on this site.

So Far So Near
such a lot of design under one roof ! i have accredited all the work i am posting here so please look at their sites for more info.

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